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March Sunbeam Calendar Now On Line...

Subject: March Sunbeam Calendar Now On Line...
From: "Paul R. Breuhan" <>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 17:16:24 -0500
Hello All,
I added March to my website a couple days ago but Hotmail has been acting up 
real I am just getting around to emailing everyone.

To find out whose car it is, visit the link below:

For those who don't know every month I am adding a calendar page to my 
website for anyone to download and print out if they would like...collect 
all 15 (runs through march 2006).

If for some reason you can't get to the means enough people 
visited and brought the server down to it's knees...then just check back 
later (sometimes it's up in an hour or could be a day or please 
don't tell me the link doesn't work)


Check out the new British Cars Forum:

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