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Re: Difficulties with all

Subject: Re: Difficulties with all
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 03:01:20 EDT

1. Getting them out can be done with hammer, chisel and brute force. Not 
elegant, but effective, as you don't need to preserve the bushes. Getting back 
really requires a hydraulic press. It could be done with a hammer and tube, 
but you risk damaging the bushes. I'd use a lick of grease to help insertion.

2. RHD to LHD can be done with existing equipment, apart from the steering 
box and idler arm, with I believe are handed are handed. You may be able to 
retain the box itself, but certainly you'll need to change the arm at the 
of the box. You'll also need to move across the handbrake, and I think the 
cable length is different. You can use the same master cylinder for the clutch, 
and possibly the brake, but watch out for the brake unit, as some designs could 
foul the carbs, if you have Strombergs.

3. The UK suppliers usually stock the necessary bits for the soft top frame.

Good luck, 


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