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Quick Status for the World's Fastest Sunbeam (wannabe)

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Subject: Quick Status for the World's Fastest Sunbeam (wannabe)
From: drmayf <>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 16:29:23 -0800
At World of Speed, I decided to check the spark plugs just for drill. 
The procedure went like this. Jack up the right front, remove wheel, 
remove, check and replace,  the three back plugs easily. Not required, 
plugs looked ok. Front right is a little more difficult but in 20 
minutes I had it in and out. Put wheel back on and remove jack stand and 
lower car. Remove, check and replace the back three plugs on drivers 
side. No need to jack up car. Removed, and removed and removed...finally 
got number 5 out. All ok. 3 hours later i managed to bend  fingers 
enough and line up the plug and in a micro turn got it started in the 
hole. Major Frustration! Vowed to do something about that. Well, that is 
under way right now. Have relocatred the turbos, and made the up pipes 
and down pipes as well. Need to install new wastegates as well. I needed 
to do that as next time will be running 16.5 psig boost. (That should be 
fun!). All the relocation required the new waste gates. Got a new Blow 
Off Valve as well (so now it will sound like a Honda on steroids when I 
let off on it). Unfortunately, the law of unintended consequences has 
struck. I new need to move the radiator into the passenger bay. I will 
put it into a 18 gallon water tank so that the water mass is the 
ultimate coolant. Just little things to keep me on my toes, lol... I 
also have to make a new throttle body inlet hat because all that stuff 
had to be relocated as well. I only have 9 months or so  before next 
season... cliff hanger... will drmayf finish the car on time?...stay 
tuned for the next chapter...

mayf, way off and far out in pahrump

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