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Re: Ground effects and down force

Subject: Re: Ground effects and down force
From: Joshua Hadler <>
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 00:09:03 -0600 wrote:
> Mike writes:
>  >At what speed do ground effect type cars start to make real down force?
>  >Does anybody have an answer?
> Eric responds:
> <<  Umm, Mike, you know that you left yourself wide open there.  ;^)
>  Not at any speeds that we're going to encounter during Solo 2 events, that's
>  for sure. >>
> Well, the A/Mod and B/Mod guys would all disagree, though I don't really know
> what the actual number is.  Barry Goldine says you can feel the grip suddenly
> get better at the speed that the aerodynamics come in.

I recall a comment overheard in Topeka this year. I think it was uttered by
the fastest driver of the year, Gary Milligan, when he said "I entered that
turn too slow and got loose, I'll need to take it faster to get the rear to
stick.". Sure enough, the next run he took it alot faster, at least that was
what I was told, and the it stuck like glue. DOWNFORCE, and big fat super
sticky tires. That's the ticket...

Even if this isn't a true story, it still has the ring of truth to it. More
downforce, especially that from large expansive wings, is generated from
higher speeds. Maybe someday... :-)


Joshua Hadler    '74 914 2.0 CSP/Bi - Hooligan Racing #29 - CONIVOR
                 '87 Quantum Syncro - aka stealth quattro

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