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Re: Hey miata owners...

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Subject: Re: Hey miata owners...
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Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 18:36:40 -0500
Using a top dressing is an excellent idea, but don't use Armor-All. Use 
Meguiars #40 instead as it will last over the months of storage. If the window 
is plastic, make sure it is well covered and protected from the sun as well as 
creases. Otherwise, it will be fine until spring returns.


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Subject: Hey miata owners...

> Howdy,
> My dad was wondering if it would hurt his miata's soft top to leave it
> down for an extended period of time.  he's got a hard top that he'd like
> to put on the car for winter, but doesn't wanna destroy the new soft top
> he put on this summer.  Any tips on this?
> Thanks!
> Mark
> (ob. autox: I'm working on getting him out there!  Of course he lives in
> Maine, about 3 hours away from the nearest events...)

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