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Re: Ayer Tour-Comments from the safety weenie!

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Subject: Re: Ayer Tour-Comments from the safety weenie!
From: "Steven T. Ekstrand" <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 13:14:19 -0700
I don't have near the issues with a race tired econobox rolling in an autox
that I did with cars running on a collision course at the Peru ProSolo.
But either way, failure to examine and learn from any incident will
endanger our sport.  That doesn't mean you have to "do something".
Reactionary law making is the worst.  But in motorsports, especially
motorsports involving amateurs and novices, you must always be examining
safety and studying both incidents and near-misses.  Without reasonably
priced insurance there isn't autocross.  Period.  You can debate your right
to personal choice etc etc...  You can show your ignorance by flaming all
the safety weenies and lawyers.  Its all meaningless for the world we live
in, get over it.  Safety is always an issue.

-Steve "the newbie who didn't learn his lesson to just shut up..." Ekstrand
Who by the way, AutoX's his HIGH COG stock height 2wd V8 2000 Dodge Dakota
Club Cab in the Los Angeles region just for kicks as I'm building my SM
car.  It's fun to watch the corner workers back up! :-O  On a FAST course
this weekend, I was only a couple of seconds out of the hunt in FS (on OEM
360 treadwear M&S rated balloons).  The adrenaline was pumping!

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