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Yet more licence plates! ...

Subject: Yet more licence plates! ...
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 15:01:49 EDT
Yeah, I'm a little late to the thread here, but it's because I was still 
deciding.  Actually I still am, but I've got a short list of plates still 
available here in VA:

IMA RACR  (just worried about catching the cops' interest)
DRV FAST  (ditto)
REV2RED  (courtesy of someone on the list)
OUTMYWA  (inspired by the "TI 3VOM" from the list)
FRM BHND  (fine in a racing context, but what would the neighbors think?!  :-)

Some autox/scca variations are available, but most people would not 
understand them (like "SCCA ES" or "SOLO2ES" or "WKND WAR" ("weekend 
warrior").  Also considered something more benign like "OHIOU 92" (my alma 
mater) or the Wildlife Conservation plate with the Whitetail Deer on it and 
"DNTSHT" ("don't shoot").

Please send me a comment if you specifically like/hate one of those top five. 
 I could use some help making up my mind!!

Mike Stevens
'00 Altima SE

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