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Re: equitable classing

Subject: Re: equitable classing
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 00:27:41 EDT
jsculerati wrote:

<< The heck with the cars -- we should reclass Endicott, Goeke, Bauer,
McIver...." >>

This is exactly the point I was trying to make. These guys and several others 
I can think of are fast and at the top no matter what they drive. So I chose 
to drive a car that an ace drives, and then I get re-classed along with them. 
Okay, I took the one class hit already. But now, some of them jump to other 
cars and do well, and their old car choices no longer kick butt, so they have 
to be classed down?? Just because they jumped to different cars?? Their old 
cars will still kick butt if they get back into them, and they will when they 
get pushed down to class 8. These guys like an easy win as much as anyone. 

I think many of the re-classes are a knee jerk reaction to a great driver 
finding a car they like, not the fact that the car is an overdog. 

My original argument from several days ago was that cars get hit for winning. 
This is not right, a great driver deserves to win. If no one else can make 
the car run the top number, maybe it isn't the car. 

We see this year after year, the car of the moment is the one a top driver 
campains. The Type R may be a bit of a stretch, and should probably be in 
with the Neon ACR's. I still think it is funny that just 18 hp less is going 
to land the single cam Neons in the new HStock. That is just plain silly. I 
hate to bring up my car, but it has nothing to scare a 132 hp Neon in any 
way. You can talk torque curve, camber, weight, it does not matter. The 
current ES Neon and Celica's belong together and run very well together. If 
one goes back to HS then the other shouild too. And putting the V6 cars from 
GS winning yesterday in with them is a crime. Those cars are still fast if 
the top driver gets back in them.

Gary Meissner

The system may not be perfect, but ES is sure a ton of fun as is. I took a 
2nd out of 4 this weekend (with my wife close behind in third) and had a 

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