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RE: Where's Katie? (was Re: Helmet)

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Subject: RE: Where's Katie? (was Re: Helmet)
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Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 10:17:50 -0700
Scot Zediker writes...

>Now I really wanna travel!
>Guess I'll wait until my options vest (and pray >they're worth something
>they do; the stock ain't doing much lately).

Well, if you choose places like Lithuania and Latvia, travelling really
isn't all that expensive. My ticket to Warsaw was only $600. That's a set of
Miata-sized Hoosiers. If you stick to travelling with only a backpack (I had
two, but one was rather large) and stick to hostels, travelling is even
cheaper. Of course, when you take a train to Helsinki and then a plane to
Poland to avoid the cheap 29 hour train ride back to Warsaw, prices can go
up considerably.

There are some sacrifices. For one, I'm not going to Topeka this year.

Wait. Take that sentence out of its context. Is that really such a

Possibly the weirdest sensation is just sitting here now at work, doing
these typical day-to-day things. I keep thinking to myself, "Was I not just
over two weeks ago being chased by Latvian thugs-in-training?" "Was I not
just on the crammed Saint Petersburg metro?" "Was I not standing in a three
hour line just to buy a loaf of bread?" 

Actually, no, that last one never happened. I just said that to for the

But anyway, it was in those moments that I was thinking, "Wasn't I just two
weeks ago sitting in front of a computer?" "Was I not just tossing Lucy
around a parking lot?" "Was I not just sitting in Lucy in a traffic jam?" It
all seemed so far away at the time.

It was in those moments, though, that I told myself I would NEVER complain
again about my pittance of a salary, my complete lack of time to get
everything I want to get done done, and my occasional bouts with boredom
(that seem more and more less frequent somehow).

So, now my eternal yet internal debate shall be, "See the world or go to
Topeka?" This shall torture me for the rest of my life. It's one more thing
we Americans must contend with: too many choices.

We have it SOOOO hard here. :)


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