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RE: On Certainty and a sense of humour

To: "Rich Urschel" <>,
Subject: RE: On Certainty and a sense of humour
From: "Kevin Stevens" <>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 08:04:32 -0700
What's really funny about it is that story is an urban legend that I've seen
reprinted for at least the last fifteen years...


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> Subject: On Certainty and a sense of humour
> I just received a note telling me I had no sense of humour at all.
> All righty then, here is the funniest joke I know. This is from a
> clipping from a local paper regarding actual testimony in a
> murder trial conducted in one of the Bay Area counties. I am
> not making this up.
> The defendant's attorney is cross examining the coroner.
> att: At the time you examined the victim, did you check his pulse?
> cor: No.
> att: Did you listen for a heart beat?
> cor: No.
> att: Did you ascertain whether he was still breathing or not?
> cor: No.
> att: So, at the time you signed the death certificate you didn't
> really know for sure whether he was dead or not, did you?
> cor: Ah, well, his head was in a jar in my lab, but I suppose
> he could be running around out there somewhere practicing law.
> Play nice, I'm going to work where I do not subscribe to such
> fun stuff.
> Rich Urschel

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