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Re: (BAMP) Question about a-x run groups

To: "Craig Haggart, Accelerator Ops" <haggart@SLAC.Stanford.EDU>,
Subject: Re: (BAMP) Question about a-x run groups
From: Tom Burke <>
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 11:35:16 -0800 (PST)
Depends on which group is running / sponsoring the
A/X.  NASA allows people to run out of class.  No big
deal.  Just indicate WRG (wrong run group) on your run
card. To balance the work groups it is usually
expected that a driver works with the group with which
the driver competed.  Even that may be negotiated.
--- "Craig Haggart, Accelerator Ops"
<haggart@SLAC.Stanford.EDU> wrote:
> Due to my odd work schedule and unusual sleep hours,
> it is often 
> very difficult or impossible for me to attend events
> at certain 
> times of day (sometimes mornings, sometimes
> afternoons or 
> evenings, depending on what part of my work cycle
> I'm in).  Is 
> it kosher to show up at an autocross with the intent
> to run in a 
> group that my car doesn't belong in?  I understand
> that doing so 
> would remove the possibility for earning points or
> trophies, but 
> I honestly don't care about that at all. 
> So, the question for the knowledgable: on a scale of
> 1 to 5, is 
> signing up for an obviously wrong run group (1) not
> allowed, (2) 
> not allowed but not enforced, (3) neutral, (4)
> allowed but not 
> encouraged, or (5) allowed without problem or
> question?  The same 
> question inherently applies to work groups, too. 
> (Being a newbie, 
> my work assignment will be "course worker" for a
> while.) 
> Thanks! 
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> -Craig Haggart
>  Sunnyvale, California
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