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gearbox on 1500 midget

To: british-cars@hoosier
Subject: gearbox on 1500 midget
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 91 16:48:37 EDT
|Date: 8-27-91  4:47pm
|From: Dean Zywicki:dcrt:nih
|  To: {}:BITNET
|Subj: gearbox on 1500 midget
   Now that my TR6 is in pretty decent running condition, I'm getting
kind of anxious to tackle some problems with my midget.  I thought
that someone posted a way to coax the gearbox out, without removing the
engine.  I've been putting off doing the gearbox, because I don't
really have the means or space to take the engine out too.  If anyone
has ever been able to do it this way I would greatly appreciate some


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