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*MY* TR6 died...

Subject: *MY* TR6 died...
From: holl@saic.COM (Chris Holl)
Date: Wed, 5 May 93 09:07:11 PDT
> From: Michael T Chaffee <>
> I was just thinking about Things I Could Do to my Midget, and I had a
> Very Sinister Idea, and was wondering if anyone out there has any
> ideas, experience, suggestions, etc.   

I once saw a Midget that had a Plymouth 360 installed in it.  No kidding.
>From outside the car looked stock.  When the bonnet was raised you didn't
see any engine because it was tucked pretty far back behind a big radiator.
Talk about sinister!  This guy used to go hunting for Corvettes and Porsches.
> From: (Ryan A. Border)
> So, I think I'd like to have this cylinder resleeved with stainless, or
> maybe even brass (is there much difference?).  There are about 20
> places in Hemmings advertising this service- has anybody out there
> tried any of them.  I'm looking for good places to go- and bad places
> to avoid.  For a real stretch, is there a place in the SF Bay Area that
> I could take it?

I have heard good things about White Post Restorations.  People who've
used them have told me the turn-around was on the order of a few days
and the work was well done.  I haven't used them myself (but I intend

I can only guess on the difference between brass and stainless.  So I
won't.  But I have had my Armstrong shocks (MGB) resleeved with nickel
and they've held up very nicely.  I think resleeving is the way to go.
Especially with cylinders made out of soft aluminium.

Chris Holl

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