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Long Trip Planned in LIC, Riley GIF's, etc.

Subject: Long Trip Planned in LIC, Riley GIF's, etc.
Date: Wed, 26 May 1993 07:58 CST
        Greetings Net-land!

I found out last Friday that I did indeed have a new job as an Intern in
General Electric's Information Services Division in Rockville, Md.  To that
end, I am leaving in the morning and winding my way east.  At first, i thought
I would just jump on the freeway and blast along, but as fate would have it,
I have been offered the dubious honor of delivering a car to the D.C. area
which causes me to reconsider the blasting idea (or maybe not?).  The
vehicle I will be taking east is an LEC, a Little Eyetalyin Convertible, in
the form of a Fiat Spider.  This should be an adventure.  I plan on leaving
Wichita Kansas and following highway 50 to D.C.  If there are any SOL'ers
in the general path of this route who would like to get together for a tinny,
and to laugh at the Fiat, I would gladly swing anywhere near the route, say
within a few hundred miles.  If there are any interested folks, drop me a line

On to the Riley.  As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, there was an estate 
auction here in Wichita which included a 1948 Riley Saloon.  The car was black
with a lovely green leather interior, and the DOHC inline four.  The car 
startedand ran.  Was driven a few feet forward and backwards, and in general 
was in very
very good shape, considering it had been parked for 20 years.  I took a bunch
of video of the car and will try to get it converted into GIF files for the 
server before I go.  If I don't get to it, I will do them sometime when I
get back on break.  

I know, I know, what did it bring.  The car was only bid on by three of us,
and I wasn't that serious, as I have no way to restore it to the glory it
deserves, and the final bid, the bid that took the car home was...drum roll
please.....$ 3300.00.  That's right.  $ 3300.00  Thirty Three Hundred Dollars.

I spoke with the gent that purchased the car.  He is an M.D. in town with a 
garage full of old British Iron and is planning a ground up restoration of the
Riley over the next couple of years.  It should be impressive when he gets

So that's what's up here in Wichita.  If there are any takers on the brews
between here and D.C. drop me a line, and I guess if there are any emergancy
garages along the route that might be cool as well.  I will have net access
until tomorrow morning, after which it will probably be a week, and then at
my new G.E. address.     

I'll be in touch!

Arlie "Motoring across the country in an LEC" Hart
316-681-2329 - home
work, no thanks, I've got some....

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