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Re: nuvolari and baiul

Subject: Re: nuvolari and baiul
From: (James Fuerstenberg)
Date: Mon Mar 14 08:05:02 1994
In your message you write:
> In message <9403112325.AA02149@abingdon.sales> you write:ve probably
> >Wish I could find *that* book too, as it's got most of the stories
> >I want.  Hmmmmm, anyone got a scanner???
> Hey, we're Xerox.  We got you big printers, we got your little printers, we
> got your big copiers, we got your little copiers, we got color, we got
> black& white and we got SCANNERS!

now if you were only located near Chicago....

> I even have one in my office.  I even used it today to scan a picture of my
> Bentley's Brake System (now on triumph, mkvi_brakes.gif)...

gloat gloat gloat...

> and we do OCR too.  I did the scanning for cak's laws....

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