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Readable Wiring Diagram?? Electric Cooling

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Subject: Readable Wiring Diagram?? Electric Cooling
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Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 23:49:27 -0400
If anyone has a wiring diagram for a 69 1600 that is READABLE please send it
by e-mail or fax to 954-979-1021.  I need the color codes for the Headlight,
Flashers, Turn Signals, and Dash Illumination. I have the one from the CDM
web site and can not make out the colors??

A Hardy " Thank You " to all that have been assisting in this project.

Today's update:  Repaired wiring until I can purchase a new harness.
Rewired radio so we have some tunes while working.  Wired new fuse box in
glove box. Reinstalled center console and new shifter boot.

Purchased a 14" electric fan for cooling system. To my surprise it fit
PERFECT on the radiator.  Looks like a factory option!  Only modification is
shimming the two support members about 1 1/4" so the radiator moves forward
to clear the new fan motor from the waterpump shaft.  Unit has an adjustable
thermostat and a lighted switch to let you know its running.  Hope to have
pictures next week of install. Its made by Imperial Automotive Products part
# 226114 its 1176 cfm and pulls 12 amps, cost with therm. about $90.00.  I
was told this will Increase the horse power by 1 1/2.

Jury Duty tomorrow so I am forced to Not  Work on the Roadster.  "Rats!"

Waiting to enjoy the ride.

Ron Edgar
69 1600
Ft Lauderdale

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