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Re: SU-Solex conversion questions

Subject: Re: SU-Solex conversion questions
From: Gary McCormick <>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 08:09:53 -0800
One very good reason to have the valve cover breather connected to the air 
cleaner is to
prevent the venting of untreated hydrocarbon emissions - that's why you began 
to see this
feature on automobiles in the smog control era. Granted, the emissions from the 
are probably not a big percentage of the total emissions from the vehicle, but 
them through the engine and burning/reburning them (because some are oil fumes 
and some
are blowby from the combustion chamber) is better than just dumping them out of 
crankcase vent.

The slight negative delta P resulting from the connection to the air cleaner 
also helps
scavenge the crankcase more efficiently, combating lube oil contamination by 
gases that get past the piston rings - all  with no performance penalty!

Gary McCormick
San Jose, CA
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ wrote:

> Hello Dan,
> Yes the Solex carbs have just one cable.  I hear that the cables are more
> difficut to locate but they are out there somewhere.
> In regards to the valve cover breather tube.  Yes, it is suppose to connect
> to the stock SOlex cleaner.  I currently have my Solex Cleaner hanging on the
> wall.  The tube is secured to pont away from any moving items.  I was told
> that there were two purposes for this connection.  When the tube was connct
> to the cleaner unit it also served a purpose as to help draw air from the
> motor.  I dont know how much difference the carbs would make as it drew air
> through the tube.
> Michael "Calspeed" Carion
> 67.5 SRL311-000248 Solex

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