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Another suspension question.

Subject: Another suspension question.
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 07:44:52 -0500
I finally had the time to finish my front suspension.  I now have good ball
joints, new GR-2 shocks, all new bushings, and a new comp sway bar.  I love
the way it handles.  There is far less roll and almost no diving at hard
braking.  It is also still a comfortable drive on these, less than perfect,
northern roads.

The question:  These changes raised the car about 1-2 inches in the front.
I will admit to some vanity about the look of my Fairlady.  I can't imagine
the old shocks were that bad so I assume it is the comp sway bar that
raised the car.  Short of replacing my springs with comp springs which will
give me a much rougher ride than I desire, is cutting the springs a
reasonable alternative?  What is the result?  I have to guess that the
shorter stock weight springs will remove some of the stiffness that I just
put in with new components.  Any thoughts?

Also,  thanks to those who responded to my earlier questions.

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