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Re: spark plugs

Subject: Re: spark plugs
From: Marc Sayer <>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 10:05:20 -0700
> >Dee wrote - But the real deal is to use only NGK BP6ES if you want a
> quality hi perf.  plug.

Or use NGK BP6ET This is what they call a semi-surface discharge, 4-electrode
plug. I used to use these on all the stuff I worked on. I had a set in my 280ZX
turbo for way longer than I like to admit (longer than a couple years...oh the
shame of it, I am a bad car parent) and put a lot more miles on them in that
time than any spark plug should have to see. And when I recently took them out
(not because they showed any signs of loss of performance but just because I
felt like I should change them once in a while or risk the ridicule of my
friends) they showed hardly any wear and looked ready for another 40k. In
addition to the longevity of the 4-electrode design (four times as many sharp
edges = four times the life) the semi-surface design unshrouds the spark and
moves the spark nearer the center of the chamber. They will work in any engine
that can use a BP6ES plug.  

Marc Sayer
82 280ZXT
71 510 2.5 Trans Am vintage racer

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