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Re: It stopped starting!!

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Subject: Re: It stopped starting!!
From: "Victor Laury" <>
Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 00:00:32 -0700

Check the small wire that runs from the coil to the distributor. Sounds like
it fell off. It usually gets unhooked from the distributor when you check
the oil or change the oil filter.

No body should be Roadsterless on a three day weekend! It's just not right

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Subject: It stopped starting!!


Went to pull the rustbucket out of the garage this evening to give it a good
wash and start getting the rust off.  Imagine my surprise when it wouldn't
start!  It ran fine a month ago! The engine just turns and turns, never
catches. We even tried jumping it in case the battery was just too low, no

Guess I know how we'll be spending our holiday!

-Annette Rogers
Rustiest 66 on the planet.

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