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14 bolts and a place to live

Subject: 14 bolts and a place to live
From: "Andrew Murphy" <>
Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2001 17:54:48 -0700
Hey all,

I really enjoyed the pics of the cars at Shasta. My hat is off to the people 
who put the time and effort into the cars. Some stunning examples of the two 
things needed to make these cars shine: Time and money.

I have been doing mostly the former the last four months taking my 67 2000 
apart. Today was the day I removed all of the parts and panels from the 
place where the car is. The only things left are the body and 
engine/powertrain. It's really a shell now.

Next weekend I am going to put the car up on jack stands to drop the drive 
shaft, drop the gas tank and pull the engine and transmission. Following 
Victor's advice, I removed the 14 bolts holding the body to the frame. They 
were all pretty easy although for some reason, the two in the foot wells 
gave us the most problems and I broke off the one on the passenger side. I 
am hopeful there is enough of the bolt to grab and remove once the body is 
off. July 22nd is the day that the better part of the frame will see the 
light of day for the first time in 34 years.

So it is getting there. Here is my question: I am an apartment dweller and 
do not have a place to keep the parts or to put my car back together. I am 
working with another person who is restoring a car to rent an industrial bay 
where we can keep both cars, but we are on a waiting list.

Has anyone rented a workspace or garage space to have a place to work on 
their cars? Are there places that have workbays for rent? How about just 
renting someone's garage?

Food for thought,

Andrew Murphy

1964 1500
1967 2000 Solex


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