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Re: CA black plate issue revisited

To: "Jim Bunte" <>,
Subject: Re: CA black plate issue revisited
From: snyler <>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 16:09:46 -0500
Jim Bunte wrote

>governor davis' comment is indeed specious, but what it really comes down to
>is the fact that CA has ALWAYS been one of the only states to keep license
>plates on the car through the life of the car. other states i9ve lived in
>reissue plates on a regular schedule OR the plates travel with you from car
>to car as you switch ownership.

     Remember Florida in the 60s issued a new plate every year, with a 
new number, every year da different color combo?  Sombody in the state 
Legislature must have gotten kickbacks on steel or something ;^)

-Marc T.

Marc Tyler TDROC Sisterdale TX
1970 1600 #SPL311-31016 "The Jaundiced Kid II"
1965 L-320 #L320 013642 "Domino"

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