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RE: Look me up in ABQ

To: "'Long, Robert'" <>,
Subject: RE: Look me up in ABQ
From: "Hall, Phillip" <Phillip.B.Hall@MSFC.NASA.GOV>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 15:13:53 -0600
Ditto Robert!  I have an extra bedroom for those infected with Roadsteritis
traveling through Huntsville, AL.

Hey Calspeed - don't you have a list of "welcome stations" on your web site?
This will be handy when we drive the 240Z back across the country.


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Subject: Look me up in ABQ

Dear List,

Unfortunately I wasn't on the Roadster List back when Calspeed came to
Albuquerque for the Z-Car Nationals, nor was I on the list when Tom Phelan
made his trip from NY to CA (BTW, nice reading), but I am now, so when
you come thru here, you GOTTA look me up!!!

Ready to enjoy the ride with any and all,
67.5 1600

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