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Tire Plugging - the Irony

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Subject: Tire Plugging - the Irony
From: "Mike" <>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 19:12:05 -0800
im sure most have read the posts concerning the question on plugging instead
of patching a tire from the inside. my wife got home from class around 9pm
last night. she woke me and informed me she had a nail in her tire. I went
out to look it over. I grabbed some needle nose pliers to pull the nail out.
I pulled on the head of what looked to be the nail and it would not budge.
after 5 minutes of this I got my channel locks out and used it to pull the
nail. as I pulled it kept coming and coming. it turned out to be a piece of
steel rod 10 inches long! the tire went flat immediately. so I pulled it and
put on the spare. today she took the flat over to discount and they repaired
it. Naturally I forgot to ask her to ask them about tire plugging! the tire
appears to have been patched form the inside. she did say they pulled it off
the rim. anyway I thought it "kind of funny" after bringing up the topic.


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