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Subject: suspension
From: "datsun_sports" <>
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 15:49:36 -0800
With the help of Keith and I have both sides of the upper front
suspension loose and ready for new links and bushings. I noticed in a
picture that there is some kind of small metal deal and two shims that go
between the link and the frame. mine only had one of the metal deals on one
side and no shims. anyone know what this is for and where I can get
replacements (if I need them)? the bottom bushings and ball joints seem to
be tight. the upper ones feel good as well but the boots are torn. I need to
replace those. they look like the older type from the rallye parts site. I
want to paint the upper a-arms and need a good way to clean them up and get
the paint off. anything quick and easy? any suggestions or thoughts are
appreciated as well. this is the first time I have done anything like this.
the air compressor from harbor freight worked great and the air tools from
Costco did as well. anyone looking for a budget setup might consider it. the
bushings came off real easy with the impact gun and the bolts for the link
came off nice as well. they seem to be at just the right angle so they can
be accessed from the inside of the engine compartment with a ratchet and an



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