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Re: wood dash

To: "Joe Kinstle" <>
Subject: Re: wood dash
From: Marc&Heidi <>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 08:23:48 -0600
Joe has a point.  Veneer will be less expensive, and less prone to 
warping than a solid chunk o' wood.
On Dec 7, 2004, at 8:06 PM, Joe Kinstle wrote:

> In theory, it shouldn't be too hard to veneer your own dash face.  You 
> can order veneers online, or pick some out at a good woodworking 
> supply store. It is only about 1/32" thick and bends pretty easily, 
> heck sometimes they ship it to you in a roll.  Anyway, you can use 
> spray adhesive or contact cement to attach it to your existing dash.  
> Make a paper template using some fairly heavy gauge paper.  You also 
> might want to seal the back of the veneer to make sure you don't get 
> any bleeding from the spray adhesive.  I think the hardest part may be 
> the glove box opening and door edges.  I think I'd run the veneer 
> straight to the edge and sand it smooth, then faux paint in the edges.
> Good luck,
> Joe
> **

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