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The battle continues

Subject: The battle continues
From: "" <>
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 23:40:29 GMT
OK gang, still fighting my car.  Questions:  Can you use an early 1600 
distributor on a 2000 (I would assume yes, but before I have my friend pull his 
I thought I would ask); What would it take to completely run my ignition 
separate from all the wiring in the car?  I can imagine that I would need a 
separate charged battery, grounded, positive power to a separate ignition 
switch (so I could turn the car on and off), then from that switch to a ballast 
resister, then to the positive on the coil, then (assuming points dizzy) from 
the negative to the distributor.  That should work, right (assuming that I just 
leave the current ignition switch wired in to switch on the starter motor 
only)?  I should be able to run the car off a good battery without an 
alternator for a while, right?  And I could always hook up a battery charger to 
keep it alive.  What I am trying to do is to separate the ignition system from 
any other part of the car as a test... yes, it has gotten that desperate.  
Also, I lost my manual for my multi-meter... can someone tell me how to set it 
to test for continuity?  And what symptoms would be present if I had a bad 
ground (i.e. dim lights, weak spark?).  Damn I hate electricity!  Thanks again
Greg Burrows

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