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Re: [Roadsters] corner weights

To: "roadsters" <>
Subject: Re: [Roadsters] corner weights
From: "E Scanlon" <>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 13:09:20 -0700
Sit further back, like on the package shelf, and use those blocks of wood 
like the kid in Temple of Doom.... that should help just a tad...... the 
blocks of wood would only be a pound or two.

(Not influenced by Pete Peters...)

> hi everyone
> i was at the track last weekend (California Speedway), and had the 
> opportunity to weigh my car finally, with the following results (with me 
> in it, and about 1/2 tank of gas):
> LF:  592      RF:  494
> LR:  476      RR:  491.
> total 2053.  i'm about 200 with my helmet.
> s
> 675MIZU
Suggested annual donation  $16.00

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