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Re: Trannies

To: "R. John Lye" <>,
Subject: Re: Trannies
From: Russ Moore <>
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 1998 11:28:36 -0400
re: selection of parts to fail

Transmissions are okay to have fail. I won't have all the bodywork and
ground-up "fun" as I did with the axle snapping. Can't we pick something
vestigial like turn signals or a headlight. Much less expensive than the
recent options. 
Add to this count of failures, 3 Spitfires on the broken tranny list. Donn
Sopp and Mark Ward each experienced a fractured tailshaft housing this
year. Usually caused by vibration sourced from unbalanced driveshaft, bad
U-joints, or worn bearing in the transmission. In Donn's case he had the
shaft balanced 3x by the same shop for each of the last three housings he
broke. (Hello, there's a message here!) Changed balance shops and the
problem went away. Marks was balanced but maybe not as well as it could
have been, not sure here but I'm sure he'll update us when he finds out.
Also a failure of a tranny for Bob Watkins, in his case the new synchros
that were installed during a full rebuild (by me) turned out to be
defective and had not been machined properly. Gearbox was fine after
replacement of the synchros but wouldn't shift with them.

Russ Moore

At 09:07 AM 10/7/98 -0400, R. John Lye wrote:
>Jeff Snook wrote:
>>but I think that makes about 6 or 7 FOTers with
>>broken trannies!
>Hmmmm, last year it was axles, this year it seems to be
>trannies.  What's next (I hate to think)?
>John Lye

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