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Re: TR3 Racecar Suspension

Subject: Re: TR3 Racecar Suspension
From: "R. John Lye" <>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 15:21:41 -0400
At 02:34 PM 10/15/98 EDT, wrote:
>One of this winter's projects is improving the handling of my TR3 race car.
>Right now it just has upgraded shocks/springs. It was suggested by someone
>that I update the TR3 with TR4 parts. I would like to know what is involved
>and how well it works. Your comments would be appreciated. 

The TR-4 parts bolt right on.  That will give you the stronger upper
ball joint and the three degree trunnion.  If its legal for you, you
might see if Chip Bond will make you up a set of the adjustable upper
A-arms so that you can adjust your castor angle (its probably not
vintage legal, though).  What you'll need to obtain to convert a TR-3
to the later spec front suspension is the upper A-arms from a TR-4
(or 4A or 250 or 6), the upper ball joint and mounting bolts, and
the TR-4 lower trunnion (you can use the 4A/250/6 trunnion, but then 
you'd need to replace the vertical links as well, since the later
trunnion/vertical link combinations are a left/right hand pair
whereas the TR-3 and 4 trunnions are not handed.  You might want
to put in a set of delrin or urethane bushes while you've got it
all apart and maybe the bronze silentbloc bushing for the steering 
that Ken Gillanders sells at the same time.

>that there was a cage that was tied into the frame near the front
>suspension. Anyone using a similar design? 


>Any opinions on whether the vintage groups would consider either of these
>modifications to be "in the spirit of vintage" here in the states. 

No idea, sorry (I'm not running vintage).

good luck,

John Lye

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