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Re: Grassroots Motorsports response to Hardy Prentice

Subject: Re: Grassroots Motorsports response to Hardy Prentice
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 19:04:13 EDT
In a message dated 10/14/98 6:34:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time, GRMTim write=

<< Who else has a modern Production TR3 but you?

<snip> Is this a trick question?  Well, FOT?

 Maybe we could even do this with lap times. Get lap times on my car, 
Jeff Snook=92s car and your car. What two tracks have you both run?
 Tim >>

<snip> Well this white TR3 & I have run the following tracks (Sue, please
note, if
you are still the keeper of the FOT history files) The list is from the mo=
in order, to the first.  Several tracks have had more than one

Seattle Int. WA
Thunderhill CA  2.9mile (1.8 earlier)
Buttonwillow CA  #26 CCW
Phoenix Int. AZ  w/imsa infield
Mid-Ohio w/chicane (earlier w/o)
Portland Int. OR "             "
Laguna Seca 2.2m (earlier 1.9m)
Sears Point  (earlier nascar config)
Willow Springs CA  CW (earlier CCW)
Road Atlanta w/ scca chicane  (earlier w/o)
Pueblo CO
Holtville Aerodrome  Int.Raceway  CA 1.5m (earlier 1.4m,1.45m,1.9m)
Carlsbad Raceway CA 1.9m
Riverside CA  in most of its many configurations
Golden State Int. Raceway CA (Sears Point)
Westwood BC CDN
Nelson Ledges OH
Steel Cities Int. Raceway OH (Nelson Ledges)
Watkins Glen NY w/chicane, but before all the guard rail and post 1968 cha=
Cumberland MD  the airport
Grattan MI
Route 2 MA....just kidding;  hope I got them all.


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