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Re: More TR3 suspension & axel/hubquestions

Subject: Re: More TR3 suspension & axel/hubquestions
From: "R. John Lye" <>
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 07:08:47 -0400
At 10:37 AM 10/17/98 EDT, you wrote:
>You may recall that I started this dialog inquiring about changing to a TR4
>front suspension, and I got recommendation about moving into a TR6 instead.
>Any of you TR3 guys using TR6 ? Any problems - installing, operating, with
>sanctioning bodies ? Preferences ??? Any pitfalls to installation ?

There's no real difference between the later TR-4 and the TR-250/6
upper front suspension, so it doesn't matter from that point of view.
The lower mounts are different, and you'd have to modify the frame
to accept the TR-6-type lower front A-arms.  Also, the vertical links
are different, but all you have to be careful of is to use the
correct trunnions that match the vertical links.  The conversion
that will require the least modification of your car is to use the
TR-4 lower trunnions with the TR-3 vertical links and later-style
upper A-arms.  The only advantage that I see (feel free to educate
me if there are other advantages) of the later (TR-6 style) lower
arms is to get camber adjustment, but that can be done by heim
jointing the top arms.  My understanding is that the TR-6 style
lower mounts are a bit weaker, but they can be strengthened using
the instructions in the Kastner book.

>Finally, has anyone tried justifying a change in the entire rear
>end of the TR3 for safety reasons? [It seems justifiable]

Chip Bond tried that argument, but the SCCA didn't buy it (yet).  Its
legal for me, and I'm running a Mini-Stock rear with a Ford center

John Lye

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