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RE: Mechanical Advance

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Subject: RE: Mechanical Advance
From: Alexander Joseph H <>
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 12:03:38 -0500
a friend of mine bought an old distributor machine for $25 and it has been
used to our great advantage...although not by me.

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Subject: RE: Mechanical Advance

I really like the dual point mallory distributor that numerous sources
provide for TR's. It's rock-solid compared to a Lucas, no matter what
you do to the Lucas bushings. I presume one is available for the TR6. 

I found a local outfit that has a distributor machine in the back that
probably hadn't been used in ten years. When I have room for it I may
buy it from them, though it's kind of silly. They've let me use it
prettyThe advance curve for two lucas distributors was almost impossible
to determine because the timing jumped around so badly. By comparison,
the mallory I bought was easy to curve and the timing remained very
stable over the entire advance range. 

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