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RE: Mechanical Advance

To: Bob Kramer <>,
Subject: RE: Mechanical Advance
From: Bill Babcock <>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 12:49:53 -0700
I don't understand how you could get one 90 degrees out, but 180 is easy
to fix. The mallory comes pre-drilled for the driving dog, which is
offset to one side to preclude putting the distributor in wrong once
it's in place. All the goombah has to do is put the dog on
backwards--just like I did the first time I tried to install it. Knock
out the pin, turn the dog 180, put it back in. 

You don't need a distributor machine to set up the basic timing
parameters, just a good timing light. There's a stop tab that sets the
range of advance. Set your static timing, then check the full advanced
reading with your timing light. Tweak the stop until you get the advance
range you need. If you have a timing light that allows you to preset the
advance and use the TDC mark for all timing, you can even do a pretty
good job graphing your advance curve using your tach and timing light.
Just read out the timing every 100 RPM (or 500 if your tach sucks)If you
don't have one of those type of light, drop everything and go get
one--worth their weight in gold and less than 100 bucks. 

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From: Bob Kramer []
Sent: Monday, October 19, 1998 6:20 PM
To: FOT LIST; Bill Babcock
Subject: Re: Mechanical Advance

I inherited a Mallory Dual Point in my TR3A that has been nothing but
trouble.  Whoever installed it in the car in the first place located the
# 1
terminal 90 degrees out (or some approximation there-of).  I really need
guy with a machine to reset this unit up. It is my best guess that since
unit comes without a driving dog, the DPO just drilled where ever he
it belonged. I've pretty much had to guess at the timing, no doubt
adding to
my overheating problems. I switched back to the stock unit by locking
plates at full advance (no vacuum). Does anyone know where I can send
Mallory, have a set of the factory instructions or any advice on running
stock unit? I get to try it out this coming weekend.

Bob Kramer, Austin TX
Hill Country Triumph Club
TR6's, TR250's, TR3A vintage race
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From: Bill Babcock <>
To: Bob Lang <>; Patrick McMullen <>
Date: Monday, October 19, 1998 11:06 AM
Subject: RE: Mechanical Advance

>I really like the dual point mallory distributor that numerous sources
>provide for TR's. It's rock-solid compared to a Lucas, no matter what
>you do to the Lucas bushings. I presume one is available for the TR6.
>I found a local outfit that has a distributor machine in the back that
>probably hadn't been used in ten years. When I have room for it I may
>buy it from them, though it's kind of silly. They've let me use it
>prettyThe advance curve for two lucas distributors was almost
>to determine because the timing jumped around so badly. By comparison,
>the mallory I bought was easy to curve and the timing remained very
>stable over the entire advance range.

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