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RE: Attending the TR/MG Challenge

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Subject: RE: Attending the TR/MG Challenge
From: Alexander Joseph H <>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 10:07:48 -0600
Would make a great and very appealing display, if you are ready. Keep us
posted. The MG guys might have a couple candidates for Work In Process
display, as well.

If one of the Le Mans TRS is not running, it would still make a great static
display. Russ Moore is working on this with TRF.
Adds to the excitement.


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> Michael,
> Have you on my list as honored FOT guest...any chance of bringing your
> in process' Italia as a display.
> Frame with shell set on frame.....even.
> Mouth watering thought to me  & my buddy, Jack Drews.
> Could do a critique of it by those who have words of wisdom.

Joe, Jack and all FOT,
   We did a concours restoration of an Italia and the owner wanted to show
car at every oppurtunity. Here in S.E. PA we have a show fairly large show 
called New Hope Auto Show (35 yrs old, named after local artist's colony).
first time we showed the car it had been dismantled, the body dipped in in
chromate primer and the chassis was done enough to roll it around. The 
second time we showed it the body was in paint, 'Rosso Chiaro', and the 
chassis was completed. We made a support which held the body up about 2' 
above the chassis so that all could admire the work. The Third time the car
finished and took awards on both days of the show. If my Italai is finished
mobile enough by the time of this event I may be able to bring it along. I'd
to get some commentary/advice about progress at that point. At the very
I'll have pictures.

Michael Engard
1970 Rover 3500S
1961 Triumph Italia 2000 GT
1975 Ducati 850 GT

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