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Re: Speed Channel?

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Subject: Re: Speed Channel?
From: "Rob Dardano" <>
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 23:47:43 -0500
I  think we are all talking about the same show  and my take  was  that they
had the deal locked up and we would see a full season  of F-1 now now if we
can just get Hobbs to call the camera shots.Can we get a pool going to see
how close Montoya comes to the championship?
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Subject: RE: Speed Channel?

> I sent the following message to
> Please tell your community more about the announcement made during the
> Formula 1 year in review show by Bob Varsha. He mentioned that if Formula
> One coverage were to continue next year it would do so on "The Speed
> Channel" and not Speed Vision.
> Please elaborate...
> Thank you,
> Brad Eells
> Bakersfield CA
> Formula One and Vintage Racing Fan
> <<Does anyone know what is up with that?  Is there going to be a new
> since the buyout of Speed Vision by the Fox Network?>>

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