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Subject: Re: [Fot] spitfire axles
From: "Rocky Entriken" <>
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 15:12:53 -0500
So how have I managed to autocross and roadrace my Mk. 1 Spitfire for 44 
years without ever snapping a U-joint?

Inner axles, yes. Many times. Even the "big" ones on occasion. But ever 
since I ditched my well-worn limited slip for a welded-up rear, even that 
has reduced to almost zero (two in nearly 20 years). Outer axle once and 
then I put in performance axles and never had that problem again. But the 
only U-joint failure I ever had was when the car was still a road car, on a 
trip to New York (from Kansas) in 1966 or '67, and it basically ran out of 
grease and froze inside the U-joint carrier. Even then I got it to where I 
needed to get to (Long Island) and we fixed it there.

Just lucky, I guess.  :-)


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> In a related topic, what happens when you snap an axle u-joint at speed?
> Wheel tuck under and launch?
> I've been lucky that the two u-joints I've snapped in the autocrosser 
> where
> at launch so I was able to get it stopped without further drama.
> Cheers,
> Jim
> Dallas
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> Maybe some of the newer guys/gals don't know why it's so important to have 
> a
> competition axle setup on a Spitfire or GT6...The weak point is where the
> keyway is in the hub..that's where the stock axle breaks...the competition
> axles..or at least the ones i know about have the hub and axle welded
> together..and they are larger diameter
> BECAUSE..since there is no axle housing......when the axle breaks..the 
> wheel
> goes Bye Bye...
> Racer Bud
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