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Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 14:34:23 +0000 (UTC)
There are no comparisons, those men had guts and personality the llikes we
will never see again.

Some of theB cars they drove were dangerous just sitting around the pit, fuel
tanks on wheels, little or no

driver protection....guts ! There is not a single contemporary driver I would
hold in the same regard as Fangio,

Foyt, Unser, Gurney, Hill, Andretti, Jones,

Be glad we were here to witness drivers that drove not for money but because
they loved driving and spoke from the heart and not from their sponsors

Sorry for the rant, just my .02 worth.

Jim Gray

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Listers: Here is another great write up on Lloyd Ruby, written before his
passing on Monday. Wow, what a versatile driver!
Reading this brought something to mind. Our generation has had A.J. Mario,
Parnelli, Dan G., Mark D. All extremely versatile drivers; sporty cars, stock
cars, roadsters, rear engined, F1, off road, endurance. Who will our children
speak about, from current running drivers, as the versatile guys/gals. Every
era has had it's controversial drivers/owners/teams, with associated
showmanship, but who will be remembered as great? Meant to make you think, but
bound to start an argument at the bar. I'm willing to start...
Tony Stewart and Robby Gordon
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