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Subject: Re: [Fot] FOT Nominations and TV Show News
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Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 20:58:11 -0800
I think this is an April fools Hooliganism.

I wasn't asked to extend a second but, hey my oil isn't warmed enough

By the way... last three events.... I did ok ... Same engine.  ...  I did
break my sons engine in the TR6.  Interesting still runs sans #1
piston or rod.  They sort broke off the before the front straight.  The two
large holes in the side of the block visually confirm the tachometer.
Should put it on u tube.

Is this nomination deal like a ponzy scheme?  I nominate one who then begets
three others...
I suppose these guys are ok in my book albeit on the appendix section.

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Subject: [Fot] FOT Nominations and TV Show News

> Gentlemen:
> Item 1:  There is a TV show on the HD Theater Channel (I have Cox Cable
> believe that it is on most cable systems) called Classic Car Club on this
> Thursday at 1130 hours.  The program description states that the Triumph
> will be featured.  I have not seen the show but anything with a TR cannot
> all bad.
> Item 2:  Although I am grateful at my recent nomination and entrance into
> this fine community I am somewhat chagrined that my partner (car not life)
> was not nominated at the same time.  Like Laurel without Hardy or the Hall
> of Fame induction of Bobby Doerr before Joe Gordon, Alec MacArthur should
> here too.  Mac is a homicide detective (albeit a very poor one who
> classifies most deaths as a suicide rather than properly identify them a
> Columbo or Quincy) who drives a street TR3A (restored by his Uncle) and
> races with me in a TR4 and Spitfire,  Although he has recently displayed
> Dunst like reliability (three disabled engines in seven races) he is a
> man, good friend, and will make a fine addition.
> Item 3:  Rick Shea is somewhat aloof and distant but has displayed
> extraordinary success (winning his class last year) in a rented Triumph
> Spitfire. He competed with Alan Mizutani, Mac and myself last year in the
> Hours of LeMons in a TR7 and manages to get by on a fixed income while
> trying to race.  He is close with Val, Jerry Davis and Alan Mizutani and
> although not as good a guy as any of them will nonetheless be a fine
> addition.
> Would any one of the following (Messrs. Otts, Vaden, Ascencio, Davis and
> Smock) second these?
> --
> Very truly yours,
> John Nikas
> Cape Coventry Racing
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