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Re: [Fot] FOT badge-WOW

Subject: Re: [Fot] FOT badge-WOW
From: "TeriAnn J. Wakeman" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 09:17:24 -0700
On 12/15/10 7:38 AM, Craig wrote:
> Where are you guys going put the badge?
When I lived near Monterey, my TR3 had a Monterey British motors license 
frame in back and a 1960 Del Monte Forest entrance badge on the side of 
the grille.  Now that I'm in Arizona, the new FOT badge will replace the 
Del Monte Forest badge on the side of grille.  I figure one badge up 
front is plenty.
> I have so many badges and dish plaque from over the years
I'm guilty of throwing away my event plaques and judging placement 
plates, plaques, ribbons & such during my last two moves.  I never could 
find an attractive way to display them when I would prefer to display my 
photography instead.  And it seemed like the only time I opened the box 
they were in was when I was moving.  About the only things I've kept as 
been event posters, Monterey historics programmes, and a couple club 
grille badges which are in a box that only gets seen when I move.


Is the brass just polished or is it polished AND clear coated??  If it 
has not been clear coated I'm thinking of clear coating mine prior to 
mounting & exposing it to the elements.



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