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[Fot] The good, the bad, ...

To: Friends of Triumph <>
Subject: [Fot] The good, the bad, ...
From: Mark J Bradakis <>
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2010 18:00:03 -0700
And of course the ugly, like going to the store to get a few more
items for dinner and coming back to find some unknown dimwit
ran into your fence.  What fun.  It is cold, dark and rainy, I'll look
at it tomorrow, it may not be too difficult to fix.

The Good - Totally unexpected to me I found an FOT grill badge
in my PO Box.  Now I see why folks have been praising it.  It is
very nice.  It is so nice to get tokens of appreciation for the work
I put into Team.Net.

The Bad - One FOT person who does not appreciate the way I've handled
things is Rob, the one who sent out the message about the Weber carbs.
He is well within his rights to drag me to the town square and throw
me in the stocks.  We made an agreement back in August about this
purchase.  The crash I had with the CRV should have delayed the
shipment no more than a week or two while my leg healed.  As he
said, it is now 4 months.  I have no valid reason for such a delay, but
can offer all sorts of lame excuses.  Sad to say this is not the first
time such pointless procrastination on my part has been involved in
parts dealings with FOT folks.  I'd like to swear it will never happen
again, but habit is a powerful force to overcome.  And when it comes to
habits I have plenty of bad ones.  So it goes.

The carbs will be on their way soon.  I need to replace the internal return
spring on one, should not be a problem.  They are a problem if they break
while on the car, as Tony Drews found out at Hallet a few years back.  Glad
I was able to assist with that problem.

Enough personal blatherings, back to Triumph racing.



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