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[Fot] Copper Coat

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Subject: [Fot] Copper Coat
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2013 08:50:17 -0700 (PDT)
<br/>I used copper coat on my Payen AE 330 copper head gasket. 10 minutes into 
the new cam run in,  the head started leaking out the Driver side corners. I 
also had water bubbling up under the head bolt nuts as well on top of the head. 
<br/><br/>When I pulled the head, the copper coat just wiped off. I expected it 
would have set up.  Is this normal?  <br/><br/>Just had the head milled so it 
is flat and the Payen gasket that was on there previously worked great with no 
coating of copper coat visible or anything else. The reason for the tear down 
was broken valve springs and a bad Paeco cam. <br/><br/>Is a head gasket sealer 
needed?  I have pulled heads off of two other stick motors and neither had any, 
nor did this race motor. . Also, should water be coming up under the nuts in 
the head bolts?<br/><br/>Torque used was 105 ft lbs. <br/><br/>Thanks for your 
help. <br/><br/>Ty<br/>Sent from Yahoo! Mail for iPhone


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