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Re: [Fot] What causes the hopping?

To: sherry robyn <>
Subject: Re: [Fot] What causes the hopping?
From: Bob Kramer <>
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2013 17:19:38 -0500
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I would suspect that if you are running stock axles they are in a bind, not
sliding in as the suspension compresses.

Bob Kramer
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On Jun 2, 2013, at 5:14 PM, sherry robyn <> wrote:

> With my TR6 on a sweeping turn, if I'm going fast enough that the car
> be
> sliding (where any more would cause it to come around aka spinout), it
> will
> invariably start a sort of hopping along sideways.  These are very short
> hops
> almost like a very severe vibration.  When this starts, it is not easy
> to break
> out of it so it is a big time waster.
> Does anyone have any idea
> exactly what this hopping is, what causes it, or what
> fixes it?
> Thanks for
> any thoughts on this.  Jim
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