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Re: [Fot] the greatest GT6 of all time

Subject: Re: [Fot] the greatest GT6 of all time
From: "R. John Lye" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2013 17:34:24 -0400
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Have you looked into the "Fridays At the Track" program?
It has been a couple of years since I raced at Summit
Point (I live in Virginia), but before the race weekends,
they often held practice sessions.  I can't recall if you
were required to have a competition license for that or
not.  If not, you might look into the NASA HPDE program
(High Performance Driver Education).  You would have an
instructor for at least the first few session, and then
if they were comfortable with you, they will let you
loose.  There are several grades, with "no passing" at
first going up to "limited passing", and then finally
"full passing" groups.

I hope that helps,

On Wed, June 12, 2013 5:06 pm, wrote:
> Jason- Do you have pics of the GT6?  Also, around the Holidays in December
> I
> had asked if someone could help me to get my GT6 on the track.  A few
> people
> responded and I appreciated that.  I lost their names/emails, and I have
> had
> very little luck in trying to get it out at Summit Point or other nearby
> track
> ( I live in Maryland).  It seems that I have to go to school in order to
> get
> it out there.  I just want to get some track time, not race.  Perhaps in
> the
> future I would venture into that area and go to school, etc.  It is a
> fully
> prepared car, and I have done many auto crosses in other cars as well as a
> 3
> day Skip Barber competition school at Lime Rock MANY years ago.  Is there
> someone whom can give me some guidance here?  Thanks very much- Jay De Pol
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> From: Jason Ostrowski <>
> To: triumph friends <>
> Sent: Wed, Jun 12, 2013 4:04 pm
> Subject: [Fot] the greatest GT6 of all time
> It should be known already that the greatest GT6 racer of all time is John
> Reed.
> John and I have a nice ongoing GT6 based friendship that has lasted some
> 35+ years. From the early days of Showroom Stock thru the "giant killer"
> dp
> days in Midwestern Council, and finally the many vintage races in the more
> modern era.
> Well, let's just say the satchel full of log books that goes along with
> this car holds over 300 documented race weekends... most of them driven by
> John up towards the sharp end of grid.
> In it's British racing green Zippy Racing livery, the car is truly one of
> a
> kind. All those old races are visible and vibrant in its aging patina.
> Many
> unique mods and upgrades are both one of a kind and remarkably simplistic
> and smart in design.
> As a Father's Day gift to myself, John, and the legions of Triumph fans at
> the Blackhawk Classic this weekend.... The Zippy Racing GT6+ is coming out
> of hibernation for the first time in 6 years. After a life-long and loving
> relationship with the car as it's track mechanic and crew chief; I am, by
> far, the stupid car's greatest fan. AND FINALLY, THIS WEEKEND I WILL BE
> I have prepped the car to perfection.
> Come out and take a whiff of this car's oil soaked glory at the Blackhawk
> Classic.
> Cant Make it this weekend?
> No problem.
> ALL THREE of our very different GT6 race cars will be on hand in
> the Friendly Ghost Racing paddock area for The Kastner Cup at Road
> America.
> But let it be known, this weekend I will be racing the Greatest GT6 of all
> time (sinister laugh out loud)
> Should be a pretty nice little Father's Day weekend!
> Jason Ostrowski
> Friendly Ghost Racing
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