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Re: [Fot] the greatest GT6 of all time

Subject: Re: [Fot] the greatest GT6 of all time
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2013 08:04:59 -0400 (EDT)
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Ok, Bill , thanks for the info.  I will look into what everyone has told me!
Thanks-- Jay

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Subject: Re: [Fot] the greatest GT6 of all time

Jay, go to Nelson's Ledges website. They have Fun Days, with 3 run classes.
They encourage SCCA guys to bring their cars for shakedown runs in class 3.
It's a hike, near Youngstown, but lots of track time.
BeaveRun (PITRACE) has a similar program.
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Subject: Re: [Fot] the greatest GT6 of all time

> Jay,
> Have you looked into the "Fridays At the Track" program?
> It has been a couple of years since I raced at Summit
> Point (I live in Virginia), but before the race weekends,
> they often held practice sessions.  I can't recall if you
> were required to have a competition license for that or
> not.  If not, you might look into the NASA HPDE program
> (High Performance Driver Education).  You would have an
> instructor for at least the first few session, and then
> if they were comfortable with you, they will let you
> loose.  There are several grades, with "no passing" at
> first going up to "limited passing", and then finally
> "full passing" groups.
> I hope that helps,
> John
> On Wed, June 12, 2013 5:06 pm, wrote:
>> Jason- Do you have pics of the GT6?  Also, around the Holidays in
>> December
>> I
>> had asked if someone could help me to get my GT6 on the track.  A few
>> people
>> responded and I appreciated that.  I lost their names/emails, and I have
>> had
>> very little luck in trying to get it out at Summit Point or other nearby
>> track
>> ( I live in Maryland).  It seems that I have to go to school in order to
>> get
>> it out there.  I just want to get some track time, not race.  Perhaps in
>> the
>> future I would venture into that area and go to school, etc.  It is a
>> fully
>> prepared car, and I have done many auto crosses in other cars as well as
>> a
>> 3
>> day Skip Barber competition school at Lime Rock MANY years ago.  Is there
>> someone whom can give me some guidance here?  Thanks very much- Jay De
>> Pol
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>> Subject: [Fot] the greatest GT6 of all time
>> It should be known already that the greatest GT6 racer of all time is
>> John
>> Reed.
>> John and I have a nice ongoing GT6 based friendship that has lasted some
>> 35+ years. From the early days of Showroom Stock thru the "giant killer"
>> dp
>> days in Midwestern Council, and finally the many vintage races in the
>> more
>> modern era.
>> Well, let's just say the satchel full of log books that goes along with
>> this car holds over 300 documented race weekends... most of them driven
>> by
>> John up towards the sharp end of grid.
>> In it's British racing green Zippy Racing livery, the car is truly one of
>> a
>> kind. All those old races are visible and vibrant in its aging patina.
>> Many
>> unique mods and upgrades are both one of a kind and remarkably simplistic
>> and smart in design.
>> As a Father's Day gift to myself, John, and the legions of Triumph fans
>> at
>> the Blackhawk Classic this weekend.... The Zippy Racing GT6+ is coming
>> out
>> of hibernation for the first time in 6 years. After a life-long and
>> loving
>> relationship with the car as it's track mechanic and crew chief; I am, by
>> far, the stupid car's greatest fan. AND FINALLY, THIS WEEKEND I WILL BE
>> I have prepped the car to perfection.
>> Come out and take a whiff of this car's oil soaked glory at the Blackhawk
>> Classic.
>> Cant Make it this weekend?
>> No problem.
>> ALL THREE of our very different GT6 race cars will be on hand in
>> the Friendly Ghost Racing paddock area for The Kastner Cup at Road
>> America.
>> But let it be known, this weekend I will be racing the Greatest GT6 of
>> all
>> time (sinister laugh out loud)
>> Should be a pretty nice little Father's Day weekend!
>> Jason Ostrowski
>> Friendly Ghost Racing
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