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Re: [Fot] Aluminum rear brake drums

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Subject: Re: [Fot] Aluminum rear brake drums
From: TR4 Tony <>
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2013 08:36:59 +0100
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Bastuck remanufactured these 9.055 inch drums based on the old 240z pattern,
but both the quality and machining is variable. The sell them specifically to
fit the TR hub pattern. You need to do a lot of work to these to make them
right, including the more obvious dimensional mods as the shoes don't sit
nicely in them.

Brembo used to similarly make a repro in 240z configuration. These were ok.
Same issues as above though.

The best solution is to get old 240z drums and machine these up, but some
caution on relining needed - the issue is the lining detaching so if your guys
get round this then fine, if not its a bad job.

There are other alloy drums out there at the moment supplied by MOSS one in 9
inch and one for the 10 inch axle. These are mainly supplied through
Racestorations and a sister company. I've tried all of these and the quality
is very poor and a big accident waiting if you use the 10 inch ones
particularly. The aftersales service when I had a problem was disgraceful so
make your own judgement on that one.

The only alloy drums I could recommend are the Typecast vintage replicas which
are supplied in 10 inch - these are proper cast and spun items and a really
good job. These guys are on the web as and in Leicester UK. Next
up would be old Datsun finned type.

Also note that alloy drums are fragile - one good hit and they shatter -
except the typecast ones which are made of a higher quality 'softer' material.
Not great for howling round on the loose.

In terms of braking performance, the tests that I did a few years back on a
good sample of all the various drums on my (heavy) rally car showed up the 10
inch steel drums as having the most stopping power metre by metre. The 9 inch
alloy 240 z drums were close, but only because I'd toleranced them to a set of
shoes that Ted S sent me years back - they were on a trigger and the whole
shoe seated beautifully. Mintex M1144 shoes were also good and I used those as
the 'control'.

Having said all that you really have to be at the outer edge before you get
any benefit over the standard steel drum when its properly vented,
particularly on the 10 inch .... Even when too hot to touch. So for the cost
I'd go on a diet of costly fish food to lose the weight if it got that

Regards to all


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On 20 Jun 2013, at 12:38, "Bill Tobin" <> wrote:

> Hi Todd, the quick answer is I don't think so.
> There are a couple differences between the Z drums and Triumph drums. I
think one of Kas' books explained them.
> By what I hear, the finned aluminum drums are no longer available.
> BTW, I recently bought a set of Z drums on e-bay and am planning on fitting
them to my TR6. I'll keep you posted.
> Cheers, Bill
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> Subject: [Fot] Aluminum rear brake drums
>> Fot,
>> Looking at buying a used set of Datsun 240z Aluminum finned rear brake
drums. Found a pair.
>> Might be a silly questions but can these be relined?
>> Thanks
>> Todd
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