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Re: [Fot] To Consider Before you Race

Subject: Re: [Fot] To Consider Before you Race
From: Mark J Bradakis via Fot <>
Date: Fri, 22 May 2020 12:42:07 -0600
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Some interesting stuff here indeed.

In truth the whole pandemic thing has me thinking about my health in 
general, looking at the long term picture.  Sure, I am diabetic, but it 
is not to the point of daily blood sugar testing, just every three 
months or so go in and see the doctor with a quick A1C blood test.  Will 
I improve, or get worse?  I'll be checking out that "Younger Next Year" 
book previously mentioned. Of course being only 66 years old now makes 
me a youngster compared to some on this list.

The gist of it has me questioning my goals.  Is it really worth it for 
me to return Killer to the track, and take on full fledged wheel to 
wheel vintage racing again, or should I ease off and just put together a 
nice, peppy streetable driver that can handle an autocross or two?  
There's no easy way to objectively measure effort put in versus rewards 
gained.  It is a question of spirit, of adventure, excitement, a 
question of following your heart balanced with the real world.

I've posted this before in various venues, I really wish I knew who 
wrote it.  I'm not into motorcycles, but this transcends the hardware, 
and gets right into it.  Where lays the heart, where lays the soul of an 
old dinosaur like me?


As I watch the Japanese crotch-rockets blasting the circuits,
I am suffused with a distilled sense of wonder, and I marvel;
these men and women are so skilled, perfect machines riding on
perfect machines.  Their bikes are precision instruments built by
precision instruments, sold in their multitude to the techno-dazed.

About ten years ago, I was out earholing on a norton-racer-road in
coastal Marin county (north of San Francisco) on my '75 Commando.
Rolled up to a stop sign.  A guy on an old 500cc BSA thumper came
around the corner facing me, leaned through the corner, dialed up
the wick, and thumped on up the hill.  I shut nort down to listen
to the sound of that long-stroke single haul that hill.  I was
thrilled; I could feel the sound through the soles of my boots.
All these years later, when I remember that sound, that fine sound,
I choke, and tears fill my eyes.  As that quiet thump, thump,
thump, faded up the hill, me and nort sat and thought of dinosaurs.
It was a good day to think about dinosaurs, one of those crisp,
perfect Marin autumn days.  Back then, me and my dinosaur could
still swat the Japanese flies buzzing around the hills, those
primordial crotch-rockets, awesome machines that have come to be
so strong, strong enough to eat me and nort for breakfast.

These ten years gone, I'm now flogging that British oil-bath around
the Rockies.  But the king is dead (long live the king!), and
I'm the dinosaur now, breathing the last breath of extinction;
fading quietly, thump, thump, thump up that hill.  But I wonder,
where went the soul, where went the art, where went the heart?



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