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[Fot] Mid-Ohio Kastner Cup shirts

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Subject: [Fot] Mid-Ohio Kastner Cup shirts
From: Ted Schumacher via Fot <>
Date: Fri, 22 May 2020 14:56:37 -0400
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It's "Show Time" for shirt orders. Many of you have already contacted me 
with payment details. But, would really like to hear from all by this 
week-end.  Once all info is logged, we can go ahead with production.  
Here is what we need - name, method of payment and are we shipping or 
being picked up at event.  Names, addresses and contact details are on 
Jim Hassal's order spread sheet so we are good to go once you contact 
me.  Our FAX seems to be MIA so phone or email, please.  Thanks to all. Ted

Ted Schumacher
103 E. Main St.
Pandora, Ohio, USA 45877
Fax: 419.384.3272 (24 Hrs.)
Phone: 800.543.6648 (US & Canada)
Tech/ Gen. Information/ Worldwide: 419.384.3022



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