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Re: Austin Healey 100 and a non Healey tech ??

To: "tom felts" <tomfelts@earthlink.net>,
Subject: Re: Austin Healey 100 and a non Healey tech ??
From: "HoYo" <hoyo@bellsouth.net>
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2004 16:27:42 -0600
As an owner of each (BN1 and BN2)
 i call the BN1 Agnes......rather my father did....
and i call the BN2 Bengt(sp?Svedish) for Bent frame!!
the only MALE in my menagerie(sp?...spell check is fugged).........now for
summin' totally differrent!!

i gotta Ford 289 from a '66 Fairlane Ford in a '88 Volvo 760 that was
rebuilt be 4 i bought the Flintstone '67 Mustang i pulled it outta several
yrs ago ...it was frozen up then and i hope i wont have to strip it down and
use every technique known to man including beating the hell out of it
,heating it , cooling it ,putting 100s of pounds of pressure on it ,every
lube known to man, and finally waiting for divine intervention(prayer
works!!) to remove the one MGB piston...and lots of TIME!! i filled the
cylinders with PB blaster and the 'Marval's Mysterious Oil"(no one know
what's up in 'ere) to set for this week...after 2 days the cylinders are
still full(good compression ,huh?)...a guys coming Sun .t o purchase it if
it turns over. Tips,suggestions,et. al.....
this is why i rebuild enginesthat will sit for yrs with STP for assembly
lube.....i hsave an MGC and 302 Ford i built tin 1978 and go turn them over
by hand once a month ,or is ita yr............thanks fo' da' hep!!


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