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Re: Bigger Tires & Steering Effort

To: "Blue One Hundred" <international_investor@yahoo.com>,
Subject: Re: Bigger Tires & Steering Effort
From: "Frenken, Eric" <efrenken@lctax.de>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 09:07:05 +0100
... and even regularly servicing the front end makes a big difference. When I 
got my car from PO the steering was quite heavy. Did a service, i.e. some 
stokes with the grease gun on all steering related nipples and... what a big 
difference it was.


Eric            BT7

John -

It's suprising to hear that you find the steering
slightly heavy with 165s on the car.  With 165s it
should be very light, even when parking the car.

Would you by any chance be using a 15" moto lita
steering wheel?  The smaller diameter may make the
steering seem a little more "heavy."

I have 185s on my BJ8 with a 12.5 close ratio steering
box and even with that it seems only a little heavy
when parking, but awesome when driving.  I have a 16"
100S replica steering wheel on it... the 16" diameter

The other thing that helps is to make sure your tires
are fully inflated all the time... this can make a big
difference.  running low pressure in yoru tires can
make the car much harder to steer.



'53 BN1 '64 BJ8

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